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What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga is practiced to activate the energy sitting at the base of the spine, which allows it to move up and through the chakras along your spine.

In yoga, chakras are the seven energy centers in your body. They include:

  • root chakra

  • sacral chakra

  • naval, or solar plexus, chakra

  • heart chakra

  • throat chakra

  • third eye chakra

  • crown chakra

As Kundalini energy rises, it’s believed to help balance these chakras and contribute to your spiritual wellness.


What does a class look like?

Kundalini yoga consists of six main components, which are done in the following order:

  • Opening chant. Every class begins with an opening chant, also known as tuning in.

  • Pranayama or warmup. You’ll do breathing exercises, called pranayama, and sometimes also movements to stretch your spine. The goal of pranayama is to practice breath control.

  • Kriya. A kriya is a sequence of postures, pranayama, mudras (hand positions), sounds, and meditation. The length and intensity of the kriya depends on your instructor.

  • Relaxation. This allows your body and mind to absorb the effects of a kriya.

  • Meditation. Your instructor guides you through meditation to cultivate awareness.

  • Closing chant. The class ends with a closing chant.


What are the benefits?

  • Stress and anxiety relief

  • Improves brain function

  • Boosts personal awareness

  • Gain spiritual enlightenment

What does a class look like?

Kundalini yoga is more spiritual than other types of yoga. Whereas other types of yoga flow with the breath, Kundalini yoga combines chanting, singing, movements, and breathing in specific patterns. The purpose is to promote spiritual enlightenment.

There are several science-backed benefits of Kundalini yoga. According to research, it helps ease stress and anxiety, improve cognitive functioning, and boost self-perception and self-appreciation.

If you’re pregnant or if you have breathing issues, an injury, joint pain, or balance problems, talk with your doctor to make sure Kundalini yoga is safe for you.

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