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22-Day Wealth Mindset Challenge

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It’s time for you to step into your WEALTH ERA!

Remove blocks that are holding you back from WEALTH, FREEDOM & SUCCESS!

So you can live

Your Dream Life of Abundance

in all areas of your life!

Get ready to Uplevel and Manifest Abundance! 

Join this exclusive and unique 22 Day Wealth & Abundance Challenge, where we explore & dive deep into what is holding you back from attracting Wealth & Abundance to your life for 2024 – the Numerology Year 8!

THE 8 YEAR is a time to develop personal power. It is a journey of true understanding, reward, balance, and achievement.

Get ready to get what you want in the 8 Year!

  • Hosted in a private zoom group you can tune into the live session 

  • Can’t make the LIVE events – no problem you can catch up with the REPLAYS!



Beginning April 3rd @ 7am AEST

Image by Andrii Solok

Get Ready For The Most Powerful 22 Day Manifestation & Wealth Portal That Will Upgrade Your Life Permanently

This 22-Day Challenge Includes

Ready to start your Wealth Mindset Life?

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✶ 22 Days of lesson videos and

✶ 22 Days of Manifesting Meditations

Jump into this challenge to kickstart some real changes, not just in the next 22 days, but in how you think about money, wealth, and abundance.


Plus, pick up some cool strategies to amp up your life in these areas and set yourself on the path to a more abundant future.


Ready to roll?

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