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Are you ready to catapult into your purpose lead business or… Are you ready to accelerate your soul business growth?



I teach masculine business STRATEGY & digital marketing because it’s what I’m really good at. I’ve been entrepreneurial for as long as I can remember! My dad is an entrepreneur, my dads dad was an entrepreneur. I LOVE it.


I’m infatuated with how to build, scale & manipulate strategy & marketing to be aligned for all the different soul and conscious business models. Not one size fits all, but I LOVE making a customised strategy & marketing plan that is EXCITING!!


I teach KUNDALINI YOGA techniques to clear limiting beliefs, because it’s what I had to work on to be successful. I deep dove and learnt to heal parts of myself through Kundalini techniques. Kundalini will raise your Skakti energy and awaken the divine feminine in you.  The feminine is the creator, the intuitive, the mission, the deeper meaning. When Shakti is awake, we are unstoppable.

I teach KUNDLAINI YOGIC ENERGY practices, because our aura is our magnet. 

We wake up your divine feminine creativity & vision, I support you with a powerful aligned strategy & plan then you magnify your impact & aura to ATTRACT your soul mate clients at lightening speed. No blocks in the mind, body or aura holding you back.


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